Sqayy offers quick generation of reports for its users. All reports are categorised by modules and accessible from a single page.

Simply log in the system and click Reports on the navigation bar. User can favourite reports by clicking on the star icon. Starred reports will appear in 'Favourites'.

There's also an option for user to save the filters used to generate reports. This helps users to quickly generate reports without having to key in filters all over again.

The table below lists out all available reports in Sqayy:

GeneralStudent List
Shows list of students
AdmissionsRegistration Statistic
Statistic for registration day
Application Progress
Shows the progress of applicants by status
Semester Registration
Shows the semester registration updates per intake
Student Academic Backgrounds

Shows the student's previous academic background

Offer Letter Issued
List of offer letter issued
Progressive Student
Shows the list of progressive students
Document Checklist
Shows how many documents have been uploaded
Student Status Log
Shows when student logs in student portal
Ageing report
Report for all collection
Fee Structure
Displays all fee structures
Student Sponsor
Display sponsored students
Student LedgerDisplay student ledger
Shows outstanding
Shows list of transactions
Transaction ApprovalShows list of approved and rejected transactions
Tax Bad DebtShows bad tax debt
AcademicIncomplete Mark Entries
Shows incomplete mark entries
Shows marks obtained by students
Student-Course MatrixOverview of which courses have been chosen by which students or which courses appear in the course choices of which students
Credit Completion
Shows credit hour details
Attendance (Detail)Shows attendance detail
Dean's ListShows list of dean's list students
Credit Transfer/ExemptionShows students with credit transfer/exemption
Overall Result BroadsheetGenerates overall result broadsheet
MarketingProspect ListGenerates list of prospects
Application StatusShows prospects who have applied for enrolment
Displays list of agents
Student Follow Up StatusShows student follow up status
Student AffairsDisciplinaries
Shows disciplinary record
ActivitiesShows student activities
Shows counselling record
Shows insurance record
Shows visa record
Industrial TrainingStudent Placement
List of student placement
List of companies for industrial placement
Shows hostel occupancy
Resident List
Generates list of residents
Hostel Availability
Shows hostel availability
ExamSenate MeetingOverview of average marks obtained by students
Student TranscriptDisplays student transcript
Result Slip
Displays student result slip
Exam Slip
Displays student exam slip
Shows list of patrons
CatalogingShows list of library item
Shows the circulation status of library items
Shows fines record
Shows collection report for library fines
List of library item barcodes