DeferredThe student postpones his admission.
Date RangeThe range of date set for a process, activity or event.
Date RegistrationThe date when the student registered for his academic session.
Document ChecklistA checklist of all necessary documents.
Demographic  Shows the sectors of a university or college’s population.
Disciplinary RecordRecords student violation.
Document Search  Finds documents.
Dean List  A category of students in college or university that achieve high grades in academic term or academic year.
DashboardA user interface that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read
Extracurricular ActivitiesUser can add, update, and delete curricular activities.
Exam Reminder Template A template used to auto-generate exam reminder notice.
Exam SlipA slip that proves the student is eligible to sit for the exam.
Exam Entry ListThe list of students eligible to sit for an exam.
Event Type      This function is to add, update or delete event type in the timetable module.
EventA planned public or social occasion.
ExamUser can set up the exam schedule, enter results, publish results and exam slip, and easily generate report based on the available results.
Email Student A student’s email adress
FacultyA group of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge.
FinanceA field that deals with the study of investments.
Fee Group A template for the system to automatically calculate bills.
File Management A feature found in Learning > File managent. The feature enables systematic file sharing management on learning materials for lecturers and students. This feature allows the user to manage the folder, upload and download files. Student is able to download the file from Student Portal.
Facility TypeThe types of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge.
Facility Capacity Usage Refers to the current capacity of the facility used.