ProcessA stage in application flow where staff decides whether an applicant is eligible or not eligible to enrol in a program.
Program (Course)A series of lectures or lessons in a particular subject, leading to an examination or qualification.
Progressive Student
A student who graduated from lower academic level (Diploma) and progressed to a higher academic level (Bachelor) in the same institution.
Photo Upload  This function is to upload student photo
Process RefundThis function is to process refund.
Prospect Inquiry Record This function is to show the prospect inquiry record.
Permanent addressFixed adress.
Personal InformationThis function is to display personal student information.
Publish ResultThis function is to publish student exam result.
Publish Exam SlipThis function is to publish student exam slip.
Payment Collection This function is to collect payment.
Program TimetableThis function is to manage the timetable program (course).
Patron ProfileShows the profile of the patron.
PatronA person who gives financial or other support
Paid Fine Collection Total fine that has been received by the institution.
Personal InfoManage personal information.
Program ListManage list of programs offered.
Print Student InfoThis function to print the student Info.
Print Student IDThis function to print the student ID.
ProspectA potential student who might be interested to enroll in an educational institution
ReportWritten account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated.
Report ListList of available reports that can be generated by the system.
Registration StatisticShows the registration statistic.
Result  ViewDisplays exam results.
Result SlipShows and prints result slip.
Result NotifyNotifies students about exam results.
Room Assignment Assigns students to rooms.
Reminder / Overdue Message Notifies overdue messages.
Ref ListList of personal details relating to a student.
Reset Student PasswordFunction to reset student password.
RevisionA feature to create customised settings that fits the reality of an operation.