Site SettingsSettings that enables users to customize their site. One of the features of  site settings allows users to customize the background image that appears on the User Login page.
Student ListThis function is to display the student list.
Semester, Trimester and Session
Named teaching periods within Study Period 1 and 2, consisting of a variable number of weeks of teaching.
Semester NoDisplays the semester number.
StatusLabels the status of a student.
Student PhotoDisplays student photo.
Student Portal An online gateway where students can access important program information.
SettingThe function to customize features provided by Barracuda.
Student SearchUser can search student that were registered in the list
Student RegistrationUser can fill the student personal information, academic background, contact info, photo and important document checklist
Student PaymentPayments made by a student.
Student Recruited ByDisplays the agent who recruited the student.
Student Academic BackgroundRefers to all of the Education a student has undergone.
Student Register DateThis function is for staff to generate report about date of registration.
Student Population RecordDisplays student population.
Student List (Historical)Displays the list of all students that have studied in the higher educational institutions.
Student Document ChecklistA checklist of all necessary documents needed for studying in a university or college.
Student Status LogProvide an audit trail of a student’s status.
Student Affairs User can view student profiles containing comprehensive records about their academic activities and other information about them.
Student Activity  Shows student’s activity.
Student Role Shows student’s role.
Subject BillingA feature in Qayyum where user can charge students according to subjects.
Student  Overall PerformanceDisplays student’s overall performance.
Section Assessment Sheet Assessment sheet page for sections.
Subject Grade SummarySummarizes subject grade.
Student Mark LogShows an audit trail of student’s marks.
Student Transcript Generates academic transcript.
Student Subject Matrix A report that shows the list of subjects taken by the student.
Student Allocation Allocates students to classes.
Student TimetableAn academic timetable used by students.
Senate Meeting  A meeting chaired by the governing body for a university made up of members of the faculty from various units within the university.
StaffA group of people employed by an institution.
Student Performance Monitoring  Monitors student’s performance.
Student Credit Transfer /ExemptionA system whereby successfully completed units of study contributing towards a degree or diploma can be transferred from one course to another.
System Parameter A reference to a specific system setting.
System AdminA system administrator (sysadmin or admin), is a person who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems.
Sponsor List Shows list of sponsors.
Student Log LoginProvides audit trail of student log in attempts.
Set Fee Group Sets the fee group.
Student LedgerThe principal document for recording and totalling economic transactions measured in terms of a monetary unit of account by account type, with debits and credits in separate columns and a beginning monetary balance and ending monetary balance for each account.
System Announcement This function is to display announcements on the system.
Semester RegistrationA process where students register for new semester.
Status LogProvide an audit trail of status.
Subject ListProvides list of subjects.

Supplementary Assessment

A supplementary assessment is an additional form of assessment designed to assist in assessing whether a student has achieved the academic standard required for a Pass level of achievement; a student’s assessment demonstrates knowledge of fundamental concepts and essential skills sufficient to meet the course learning outcomes.
Suspension from the University, usually for misconduct, is a cancellation of enrolment for a specified period, after which the student must reapply for admission if they are seeking re-enrolment.
Transaction Type Shows the types of transaction.
Tax Code A tax code is a federal government document, numbering tens of thousands of pages that details the rules individuals and businesses must follow, in remitting a percentage of their incomes to the federal government.
Tax Code TypeSets the types of tax code.
Training Trip A training session conducted away from the usual environment.
Time Block A type of scheduling that can help you manage your time better by allowing you to focus on finishing big and small tasks one at a time.
TimetableUsers can generate reports and view their respective timetables from this module.
Total Local StudentDisplays the total number of local students.
Total International Student Displays total number of international students.
Total Student By ProgramDisplays total number of students by program.
User ListShows list of users.
User ProfileFunction to edit user information.
Update RecordUpdates record.
Upload DocumentUploads documents.
Update Student StatusUpdates student status.
Update student IDUpdates student ID.
Update Student InfoUpdates student information.
UnitIn Qayyum, unit is a house.