Register in Sqayy CMS is an act of registering new students from a new intake. This is also known as intake registration. This should not be confused with registering an online application account, semester registration or subject registration. Registering a new student in Sqayy CMS comprise of these steps:

1. Make an application - An application form must be filled in first. Applicants can do this through Online Application (OA) portal.

2. Submit application - After filling in application form and ensuring all details are correct, the application form must be submitted.

3. Process application - Staff will process submitted application forms. This is when staff will determine whether applicant is eligible or not eligible.

4. Accept offer - If applicants are eligible to enrol in the applied program, they have to accept the offer first. This can be done through OA portal.

5. Register student - Staff can proceed with registering applicants that have accepted the offer to enrol. Registered students will have Active status.