Students can request for counselling through student portal. The request will be added to the list of counselling requests in staff portal. This feature was introduced so students can request for counselling at any given time or place. This also helps them to maintain privacy. If this feature is turned off, students would have to go over-the-counter and request for counselling.

After receiving a counselling request, staff can process the request in Counselling Request page in staff portal.

How It Works

  1. Log in student portal > Click Student Affairs
  2. Click Counselling Requests > Add New
  3. In field Date, select date for counselling
  4. In field Mode, select counselling mode
  5. In field Type, select counselling type
  6. In field Description, enter reason for counselling
  7. In field Note, enter notes if any
  8. In field Remarks, enter remarks if any
  9. In field Counsellor, select counsellor
  10. Click Save