Many colleges and schools around the world provide good student life experiences for its students. But the same colleges and schools don’t provide good working experiences for their lecturers and administrators. This is essentially because there are voluminous data that goes into managing a student’s journey from Open Day till Graduation.

Without a powerful, automated, integrated campus management system (CMS), working life can be stressful on non-academic and academic staff who have to manually key in student’s data in excel files. The end result is good staff are overburdened with tedious manual data entry work when the same staff could be doing wondrous work in the classroom and presenting insightful reports in the boardroom. 

So what is Sqayy Campus Management System (CMS)? Sqayy CMS is a software hosted on the cloud that helps staff manage student applications, admissions, time table preparation, fees collection, library transactions, exam slip generation, overdue fees reporting and many more. Sqayy CMS helps take care of the back-end of campus management while your staff can focus on teaching and presenting insightful reports to the CEO and the board; your core business. We believe that tedious manual key in data entry work is not your core business and reducing that as much as possible is a worthwhile objective to pursue.

Sqayy offers Modules. The modules subscribed will lead to certain outcomes achieved upon successful execution and implementation. So what are some of the outcomes derived from using Sqayy?

Outcomes of Sqayy




  1. Tuition fee bills automatically generated to every student.
  2. Instant barring or unbarring of students  when fees are Due.
  3. Tally debit/credit amounts
  4. Reduced paper usage to print bills and receipts for every transaction


  1. Attendance automatically recorded to every student
  2. Students with low attendance percentage is automatically barred   from taking exam
  3. Students with low attendance percentage is automatically sent a reminder via Student Portal. 
  4. Student Grades automatically calculated for every semester
  5. Students result slip are automatically generated for every student
  6. Student GPA/CGPA is automatically calculated according to GPA/CGPA rules


  1. Exam Slip will be automatically generated to every student
  2. Student can view and download Exam Slip from Student Portal
  3. Students are barred from viewing Exam Slip automatically when auto-bar is turn on for overdue payment