Sqayy helps your organisation to cut total operations cost by saving manpower time and optimising your available assets. You wouldn't need to hire lots of staff if the system reduces the workload. You can also allocate your staff so they can commit to more profitable ventures. Below are the key points that help your to realise those objectives.

Time (Manpower) Saving

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Centralised Student Profile & Search
  • Eliminates time to prepare, send, receive, digest of latest Student List
  • Eliminates file transfer & duplication
  • Maintain data consistency
  • Reduce conflicts due to departmental priorities or silo mentality
  • Access Control only for individual authorised to update student records
  • Making sure student records are updated
How to Update Personal Information?

How To Perform Intake Registration?
Automatic Student Bills Generation & Distribution thru Student Portal
  • Eliminates time to prepare and distribute student invoices
  • Prepare fee structure and payment plans for all semesters
  • Make sure the correct fee structure is tied to every student
  • Invoices will be generated automatically upon New Student Registration or Semester Re-registration.
How to Add, Update and Delete Fee Structure?

How to Register Students?
Automatic Payment Reminder
  • Eliminates time to send reminder to Students
  • No settings required
  • Payment reminder will be generated upon cut off date. This can be viewed on student portal
Guide to Launch Student Portal
Exam Slip in Student Portal
  • Eliminates time needed to prepare and distribute Exam Slips
  • Create exam schedule
  • Manage facility for exam venue
  • Manage what should be displayed on exam slip
  • Allow student to print exam slip through student portal
  • Publish Exam Slip
How to Manage Exam Slip?

How to Publish Exam Slip?
Exam Result in Student Portal
  • Efficient exam result distribution after result endorsement
  • Enable students to view exam results through student portal
  • Publish exam result
How to Manage Result Slip?

How to Publish Exam Result?
Automatic Barring due to overdue payment
  • System bars the students, not the staff
  • Motivates students to pay their fees
  • Increase student's awareness of their financial obligations
  • Improve collection
  • Staff would no longer have to chase students
  • Set minimum  outstanding amount for barring in finance settings
  • Exam slip and Exam result will not be displayed

How to Manage Barring?
Efficient Timetable Management
  • Reduce time for semester timetable preparation to 3 hours (usually takes 3-5 days)
  • System automatically checks for student, lecturer, venue and time clashings
  • Integration with facility for classroom availability and capacity
  • Complete all settings under Timetable
  • Select and Drag classes and slot into intended time slots
Settings & Maintenance
Group Receipt
  • Abolish practice of recording sponsorship payments one by one for each sponsored students
  • Record student bank account no
How to Record Student’s Bank Account No?
Automatic Attendance Calculation and Warning
  • Reduce human error in attendance calculation
  • Abolish practice of sending attendance warning manually
  • Create attendance template
  • Lecturers have to key in attendance
Automatic Calculation of Student Attendance Percentage

How to Add, View & Update Attendance?
Automatic Result Calculation
  • Abolish practice of manually calculating results
  • No settings required
  • Lecturers have to key in results
Automatic GPA/CGPA Calculation

How to Record Assessment Mark?
Efficient New Student Registration
  • Minimum time for pre- during- and post- Registration Day.
  • Create intakes, intake reg day, academic session, study plan, fee structure and student id format
  • Update  study plan and fee structure on a semesterly basis
How to Perform Intake Registration?

How to Manage Study Plan?

Space & Utilities Saving

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Classroom availability integrated with Timetable via Facility Module
  • Better visibility of Classroom occupation or utilisation.
  • Complete all timetable and facility settings
  • Staff slot classes using timetable module, not from excel file

Hostel management up to bed level
  • Minimising wastage of hostel bed
  • Fill in hostel details from blocks up to beds
  • Staff slot students into hostel using hostel module

Enabling the implementation of One-Stop Student Service Centre
  • More space saving
    Better student service
  • Readily available
  • Staff assists student to self-apply or encourage student to self-fill

Reduced physical class time
  • Save electricity
  • Readily available
  • Staff use Learning to deliver lecture notes to be read by students before coming to class

Paperless, all data and information captured in the system
  • Save space
  • Lower risk for damaged/loss of files
  • Readily available
  • Staff comprehensively and systematically input all relevant data into system

Electronic lecture note sharing through Student Portal
  • Reduce the use of paper on both lecturer and students
  • Enable learning module in student portal
  • Upload file and share the files
How to Update Access Level in Student Portal?